Our Mission

    To develop superior residential developments and homes that both RDG and

    residents are proud to own and live in.

    Rising Developers Group (RDG) is committed to developing superior residential developments and homes. Our vision for real estate development is not limited to any single project but includes a long term view. RDG is committed to planning  projects that focus on the needs and desires of each neighborhood. 


    Established in 2003, Rising Developers Group (RDG) has over 16 years of experience developing high-quality boutique condominiums in Long Island City. Building upon the success of luxury residences in the area, RDG stands apart for its principles of superior construction, unique architecture, first-class workmanship and spacious layouts. Deeply rooted in the growing Long Island City community, RDG prioritizes warm, inviting and secure spaces designed for every type of homeowner.

    Want to work with us?

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